The Perfect Coffee Table Book

So, one of the things that I started doing a couple of years ago was to make a nice printed album for each of our trips as coffee table books (you know being a photographer and all).  I didn’t want something cheesy and I didn’t want something that was overly fancy either.  After doing some research I came across Artifact Uprising and I’ve been very happy with their level of service, print quality, design dashboard, and how well they hold up over time.  I have zero patience for a busy interface with too many things going on… it makes my ADD go crazy.  I want to design a book, order it, and have it show up pretty at my door which is why I highly recommend this company.  You can get a great book for under $100 (do not go the wedding album part… that is not under $100)!  I personally get mine with jacket sleeves so I can put the title of the trip on it!  Happy designing!

They have a bunch of other cool stuff too so go check them out Here




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