New Year, New Goals!

Welcome to my first blog post! Where should I start?  I am without a doubt NOT one of those people who are like “these are my new years resolutions and they are going to be amazing”!  In truth I’m much more like this:

Ok but, in reality, there are some major paradigm shifts that I’m looking to accomplish in 2018.  One of them was to launch this blog and I’ll be honest with you, because as you’ll come to realize I tend not to sugar coat things but this is the legit reality:  1. I have zero idea what I’m doing…. Like zero, so this is going to be interesting.  2. I don’t know anything behind the analytics of a blog, also I suck at math so just the word “analytics” makes me cringe. 3. I love change.  Like really, really love change.

Now it’s that third part that’s the key here.  As a woman and an entrepreneur, I’ve always tried to step outside of my comfort zone, and I do truly love change.  Perhaps that comes from having ADD (which being diagnosed at age 37 had profound insight, but that’s for another post)!  As a result, I feel like I am always looking for a new project, a new way of approaching something, a new angle of looking at a problem.  Sometimes it drives my husband nuts because he’s in IT and he always thinks analytically.  It’s a huge reason that I love him and why we work so well together.  He balances me out when one of my ideas is literally so over the top that he has to put his foot down and say “enough Erin, we are not doing that”!  Everyone needs a Tony to help bring them back to reality sometimes!  It was that nagging change feeling that kept going off in my head every time I would tackle a new design project, experienced an amazing place, or gave new life to a tired and worn antique.  I kept thinking that I needed to share these things and so Domicile started to take shape.

I really hope to encourage and help people with their renovations, give some inexpensive design ideas, or inspire someone to take a really cool trip just to check out some amazing restaurants or some great locales.  I’m glad you’re all along for the ride and I implore you to reach out with questions, ask for advice, or just to say hi!

Cheers and welcome!



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  • Wanda

    Congrats, Erin! You were destined for this…sharing creative ideas! I look forward to your posts, pictures and awesome ideas.

    January 25, 2018 at 12:35 pm Reply
    • domicileNE

      Thanks Wander!!! Thanks so much for following and thanks for giving me a heads up on that realtor page!! Dude, you’re the best!!! xoxo

      January 25, 2018 at 2:52 pm Reply

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