Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have liability insurance?
Yes I carry ample liability coverage through a top-rated insurance carrier that has been designed specifically with photographers in mind, ensuring all necessary bases are covered. Certificates of insurance are available with sufficient advance notice.

What payment terms are available?
You can pay by check at the time of shoot in person, or if you’d prefer you can pay via credit card on the ViewShoot portal when you go to download your images.

How can I save on your services?
If you refer me to a new client, I will provide a credit against a portion of your next photo shoot once their first photo shoot is completed.

Are RAW files available to purchase?
No, but there wouldn’t be any real benefit to this anyway. Raw files are the closest digital equivalent to an undeveloped film negative. They require special software to view and develop, as well as myriad complex creative decisions and the necessary expertise to produce the final edited version. You will not achieve any increase in quality or other advantage by receiving a raw file. My standard delivery formats produce visually lossless results suitable for reproduction and display within the prescribed scope of work. Please contact me to clarify any specific file delivery concerns you might have.

How long have you been in the business?
I have been on the professional side of photography for around 20 years. I studied film and darkroom work in college and worked at a professional photo lab, while also in college. I started shooting weddings in 2003 and full time from 2009-2014 through my other business ( Our work has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, Style Me Pretty, InSide Weddings, WellWed Magazine, Seacoast Weddings, New Hampshire Bride Magazine, Boston Weddings, and even the television show Four Weddings. Because my main profession is that of a professional REALTOR® I only do weddings on a referral basis and usually cap it at 4 per year (because I love them and love the creativity)! When I got into real estate it was a natural succession that I take my own photographs, as well as that of my colleagues if they needed it. I’ve honed the craft of real estate photography over the last 4 years to the point that I feel I can deliver an exceptional product, and top-notch customer service especially since I’m in the trenches with you all! I see what buyers and sellers want, how they view properties, and what will bring in the highest return for your clients.

Do you offer portraits & headshots?
Absolutely. I have captured images of many real estate professionals. Studio and outdoor options are available, including on-location bookings for multiple agents or even entire offices. Please reach out for pricing and booking dates. In our drop down menu you’ll find a selection of some real estate portraits we’ve done in the past 2 years.

What if the weather is bad the day of the shoot?
This should really only affect the exterior and aerial photography. If it’s raining we cannot fly the drone, but if it’s not pouring we can usually still grab some decent exterior shots with the DSLR. That being said obviously decent weather makes an image more appealing so we can still photograph the interior of the home, as we know the seller has spent time and energy preparing for the shoot, and at our earliest convenience re-shoot the exterior when the weather has cleared.

How long will my links remain active?
We ask that you download all your images (in both file formats) and save them to your personal computer. We will hold onto your shoot images for 30 days.

What is HDR Photography & do you offer it?
HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a software technique involving taking a series of exposures from dark to light, then using software to merge them into one final image. I’m personally not a fan of HDR photography which relies solely on available light, often suffering problems such as inaccurate colors, textures that appear muddy, or even dirty or grungy, and washed out exterior views. Ultimately, the HDR photographer and the final images are at the mercy of the property’s lighting conditions, weather, and the decisions the software makes. A lot of people tend to think the images look almost “cartoonish”. Common feedback I’ve heard from buyers is that while an image might look cool and catch their eye online, when they see the home in person it’s nothing like it’s photographs and it tends to be a huge turn-off to buyers.

How long will the shoot take?
Typically a shoot can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours depending on the size of the home and whether or not we’re doing aerial photography as well.

How soon will I receive the images?
You will have your images within 48 hours (unless other arrangements have been made). There is an up-charge if you need your shoot expedited. Please see the pricing and policies page for more info.

Do you charge a travel cost?
Yes, anything over 30 Miles from Lee and Epping NH is charged at .75 per mile.

What is the best way to reach you?
Please reach out to me via email or text. I tend not to get my voicemails in a timely manner.

Can you upload my images to MLS for me?
Unfortunately, no. You will have access to both the large format files and the smaller MLS sized ones. If you prefer to have an assistant upload them for you we can add their email to your shoot platform info. Please let us know at the time of booking.

What is the best time of day for real estate photography?
This all depends on the time of year, the way the home is facing, and obviously the weather. Mid-day is going to be the harshest light, especially if there are no clouds in the sky and bright sun! Let us know which direction the home faces so we can advise you on the best time to shoot it.

How do I make sure you capture what I need to be photographed?
I’ll probably photograph more than you are expecting but if there is something specific you or your clients would like captured please just let me know!

Do I really need professional photos taken for me by a company like Domicile?
One of the most powerful tools you have when marketing a home are the photos. No matter how fabulous the home is, it won’t sell if no one is coming to see it. Great listing photos get people in the door. Studies show you have 2 seconds to impress an online buyer (where 90% of people are shopping for a home). Are you making the best use of those 2 seconds with a cell phone or point-and-shoot camera? Today’s technologically savvy clients not only appreciate nice photos, they expect them. Buyers will compare one house to another by it’s photos. If it looks good on-line, buyers will come out see it. Professionally Photographed homes sell faster and for more money compared to homes that are not.

Are the images retouched or enhanced?
Retouching is an overused and often incorrectly used term. All your images are edited. I use Adobe Lightroom to edit my images and in some cases where I need a little more control over removing objects I’ll use Photoshop. Editing entails controlling the exposure (lightness and darkness, highlights, and shadows), the clarity, white balance, color fidelity and controlling the perspective, of each and every image by hand. It is a very time-consuming
process. 99% of my images need no retouching at all because I’ve taught myself how to use the best light possible, whether its natural light or manufactured light like a strobe. Your images will be well lit, sharpened, corrected for lens distortion, and contrast boosted.

How do I access the images?
Once the photos and property website are ready, you’ll receive an email with links to download the photos in high-resolution print and web/MLS sizes. You can also pay at that time through the ViewShoot web portal.

What should I do to make sure that the home is “photograph ready”?
Just because a home is clean, doesn’t necessarily mean it will photograph well. Expectations vary greatly regarding what constitutes “photo-ready.” Please visit our “Staging Tips” page for helpful information to give to your sellers. It’s advisable for you to preview the property prior to the photo shoot to ensure it’s ready in time for the shoot.

What if the property isn’t ready?
I make every effort to ensure agents and sellers are aware of what’s needed to get great results. Unfortunately, there is the rare occurrence where I arrive to a property that is in no way “ready” for photographs. The options in this situation are to reschedule the shoot (100% of the fee will still be due) or shoot the property as-is. I recommend that agents arrive early to the shoot in order to ensure staging and preparation tasks have been followed. If there’s any doubt that everything will be ready, it’s much easier to address this beforehand than at the appointment. In some situations, agents recruit help from colleagues and property owners to move items from room to room as each images are taken. While this does take additional time, which is factored into the cost of the shoot, coordinating this ahead of time produces a far better final product and minimizes the time spent in between images.

Do you put your logo on all your images?
No. We have them on most of images on our website but we do not put them on yours. If you do have a logo you would like to use we’re happy to add it upon the end of our batch edit. There is an add on cost for this of $30 and the logo would need to be provided to us in JPEG or PNG format.

Do you take photos of the inside of closets?
Typically no, unless it’s a large master walk-in closet, however if the agent or the seller would prefer that we do not shoot any closets just give us a heads up. Even if we do, you certainly don’t have to use them in your listings!

Do you take photos of the basement?
If it’s finished or it’s an amazing basement SURE! Why not? But on the whole, no we do not. If there are updated utilities such as a new furnace or a tankless hot water heater, then yes we’ll usually grab some shots so you can decide later whether you want to use them or not!

How high do you fly when doing aerial photography?
Legally, depending on the distance to airports or any protected airspace the stipulation that the FAA places on commercial UAV pilots (Unmanned aerial vehicle) is that we have to stay under 400ft, or sometimes under 200ft depending on how close we are to class protected airspace. For the type of aerial photography we’re doing there really isn’t much need to go any higher than 400ft anyways!

Is it ok if the sellers are home during the shoot?
While we understand that they are excited to get their home on the market, we are able to produce much better results when distractions at the home are limited. We ask that you please complete all staging and cleaning prior to the shoot appointment. It is best to keep all children and pets out of the way during the appointment as we are shooting with a wide angle lens.

Can you just Photoshop that out?
The short answer is, “Yes.” However, depending on the nature of the request, digital manipulation of an image can be costly in terms of time and can often create ethical issues. In most cases the result can and should be corrected in-camera. For example, removing power lines could be considered misrepresentation of a listing. Shooting from an angle that minimizes the presence of those power lines, on the other hand, is both truthful and an expected component of a professional photo shoot. Similarly, digitally adding fire to a fireplace that has not been recently proven operational could result in potential liability if a chimney inspection reveals unfavorable results. Requests for digital manipulation will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Small edits such as removing nails from walls will generally be performed on a complimentary basis, but significant edits may create additional billing. If this is the case, I will supply an estimate before the work begins.

What types of homes do you photograph?
All types. Every property can benefit from great photography, and ultimately, so will agents who consistently emphasize high-quality photography as part of their marketing mix. Most broker websites, as well as syndication sites such as Zillow and will display the most modest listings in your portfolio right next to your largest luxury estate. It can be difficult to explain to a seller which listings “deserve” the best photography, and the consistent investment in quality ensures their confidence in how you value their business. My clients tell me their investment in consistently high-quality photography has not only helped them sell homes faster and for a better price, but has also helped them win additional new business.D

Do you offer property websites?
Currently we do not offer property websites. 

Do you offer video services?
While we have the equipment and technology to offer video services I have to confess that I am not well versed in shooting video, or the post-processing techniques required to produce a product worthy of Domicile.  This is something we’ll probably offer in the future!  If you are in need of video services please reach out to us and we’ll recommend some great videographers for you!

Have a question you don’t see answered here? Shoot us a message and we’ll be happy to answer it!

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